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Peaceful Hills Farm was started in April of 2015. We started raising pastured pork our first year while we rented the farm. We were able to purchase this farm in March of 2016. Our 20 acre farm is just north of Grain Valley, MO. We currently raise the pastured pork, free range eggs, and raw dairy. We hope to expand into free range chickens and turkeys in 2017. Although we are not certified organic, all our animals are raised according to organic standards and we do not use antibiotics or growth hormones. We believe in using natural, homeopathic treatments on our animals. We find though in raising animals in their natural environment (grazing fresh grasses and legumes, breathing fresh air, etc.) that common problems disappear. We feed only non GMO feed and our hogs are Animal Welfare Approved.

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"What customers are saying"

Eating healthy is very important to me--and as a health professional, in our office we trust and rely upon Peaceful Hills to provide milk, eggs, and pork to our patients, giving them options that far outweigh anything they could find at any grocery or health-food store. Ava and Dan West run this farm and they are some of the most kind-hearted and warm individuals you'll ever meet--going so far as to take children and families on a tour of their farm, showing their processes, and highlighting their passion for locally and ethically-raised foods. We highly recommend them to our patients and to our community!

Ben Chambers

This is an excellent farm to buy LOCAL, humane raised, sustainable farm produce. Though not certified Organic, this farm will exceed your Organic needs. Dan and Ava are conscientious, experienced farmers that do a great job and their produce is superb. They offer several drop points to p/u the produce. We are fortunate to have this farm for our area residents. I believe in these farmers, they truly exemplify raising animals in a kind, caring manner. They live their lives in this same manner.

Dayna. M

We have been purchasing food from Peaceful Hills Farm for many months now. Our family is extremely dedicated to the highest quality and most healthful meat and dairy that we can obtain so finding this farm has been sheer foodie bliss for us. The milk is hands down the best we have had anywhere! Their eggs are big and rich. I could go on but suffice it to say that everything we have tried is excellent.

Sheryl Grant

I have been purchasing my pork from all organic grass fed and happy hogs, my milk and butter from all organic grass fed and happy cows, my eggs from range free and happy hens from this farm for over a year and they never cease to amaze me! Even the owners are happy! With all this happiness you know your getting the best! I have never been disappointed. This farm should be called Happy Hills Farm! Check it out!

Sherrie R.

I highly recommend Peaceful Hills Farm. Their practices are ethical, and the animals have an enriched environment. The milk, pork and eggs are all delicious, doesn't compare to store bought pork/milk/eggs!

I have been lucky enough to take a tour of their farm and saw first hand the love and care they put into their operation. I cannot recommend them highly enough

Sarah C.

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