What makes our milk so good?

Experience. Dan grew up around dairy farms, and from a young age has been on and worked on grade A dairy's all across the country. He saw what it took to produce high quality safe dairy. 

Pure breed Jersey's.  All our cows are pure breed jersey cows. Jersey's have been known to be the richest, creamiest, and most flavorful milk of all the major dairy breeds.

Healthy cows. We pay close attention to our cows to insure they are healthy and producing the highest quality milk possible. We pre stripe our cows before milking to make sure they don't have any infection in any of their quarters.

We milk twice a day. Why is that important? When cows are milked out once a day, they have to work extra hard to keep there udders healthy. When cows are milked twice a day, it relieves the pressure, and keeps the milk fresher, rather than sitting in the udder for 24 hours.

Commitment. Our commitment to producing safe healthy dairy comes from a deep desire with in. A favorite quote of mine is "good, better, best...never let it rest....get your good better, and your better best". So what does that mean? We're never satisfied with where we are. We are constantly looking to see where we can improve and make our products last longer, be safer, and taste better.

Quality feed. The saying "we are what we eat" couldn't be more true then when it comes to fresh dairy. Our cows graze in the summer months, and are feed high quality clover hay in the winter. They are also feed non GMO grain to keep the healthy and in good body condition year round. Our grain mix is custom made to meet the nutrition requirements of our cows. The balance of protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals is crucial to the health of our cows and in turn the quality of the milk they produce.

Grade A equipment. All our milk equipment is stainless steal, that meets grade A standards. We also make sure all the equipment is sanitized prior to milking to insure everything that touches the milk is free from bacteria. We use only detergents and sanitizers that are approved by the FDA for dairy operations.

Chilled quickly. The quicker milk gets below 45 degrees not only gives it a better taste, but gives it a longer shelf life as well. We have had our milk still drinkable at 4 weeks, which proves everything said here makes a difference in taste and quality.

Bottled in glass. We have glass half gallon milk bottles that we sell our milk in.

It's fresh. We try to stay ahead of our demand, but not to far ahead. We try to keep the milk in the refrigerator from that day or the day before.

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