Our philosophy

We use homeopathic remedies on our animals and don’t use any growth hormones. In addition, we do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides on our fields. We believe our personal health begins with the soil that our food is raised on, and we are committed to restoring our land which allows our animals to graze pastures rich with nutrients that not only keep them healthy, but then have the nutrients to put into the dairy, meat, and eggs. It's our belief that if we consume foods from nutrient dense soil, that we can, and should, get all the nutrition our bodies need to stay healthy, including vitamins and minerals. Animals raised on pasture where cows can graze, pigs can dig for nuts and bugs, and chickens scratch for insects, not only makes for happy animals, but gives us meat, eggs and dairy that are loaded with Omega 3’s, conjugated linoleic acids, and beta carotene. Studies have shown that consuming products from animals that are allowed to graze, can help lower your risk of heart disease, and even cancer.  We see ourselves in the healing business more than just farming. The foods we eat can either help us or hurt us, and we believe that the products that come from our farm will help our customers and their families live a healthy life and heal their bodies.